Thursday, July 5, 2012

Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are fruit of date palm that grow to a height 20 to 25 meters with green leaves , Dates  originated in northern Africa and western Asia in the Arab deserts . However, palm is cultivated in many countries.

The history of dates cultivation back to the ancient Egyptians , also Arabs cultivated the Date palm many years ago and called it ” Tamr” and by the native Arabic called ” Balah” also they  prepared wine from dates fruit and called it ” Araky”

Dates is rich in antioxidants that help in protecting the cells and the organs from free radicals that lead to cancer diseases

Dates are rich source of iron which has many benefits for body , iron is important for  the formation of  hemoglobin , transporting oxygen in the blood , boost the Immune system , metabolism and protect the body from free radicals.Also  iron  is important for people who suffering from anemia

Dates  have a variety of B-complex vitamins , these vitamins are important for healthy body , metabolism and maintain blood glucose levels

Dates are rich in potassium. Potassium is important for our body that maintains fluid in body regulates blood pressure, helps in the transmission of   nerve impulse and prevent the cramp of muscles

Health Benefits of Dates for heart

Health Benefits of Dates as a remedy for constipation

Health Benefits of Dates as a remedy for Intestinal Disorders

Health Benefits of Dates as a remedy for over slimming 

Date is good remedy for over –slimming , date contain height amount of energy  and calories because it contain  sugar and fats and protein ,date helps to  gain weight for people who suffering from over slimming  so that it is forbidden  for people who need to lose weight.

Health Benefits of Dates as a remedy for sexual weakness

Dates  is a source of dietary fiber

Dietry fiber is important for every one, dates is rich in dietary fiber which are good for digestive system ,prevent constipation ,reduce fats and remove toxins from colon which may leads to colon cancer.

Dietary fiber also controlling sugar level so it play great role in controlling  diabetes
Health Benefits of Dates for bones
Dates is imporatnat for bones because dates contains Manganese which is important for healthy bones

Dates is an excellent remedy for sexual weakness for men ,and increase the sexual desire and sexual stamina , as it contain height  amount of  energy that helps erection . Make a mixture of milk ,honey and dates  and drink this mixture every day for one week at the morning and  you will notice the  improvement in your sexual performance.
Date are beneficial for Intestinal Disorders because dates contain nicotinic that currying all kinds of intestinal disorders and increase the friendly  bacteria in the intestines
For people who suffering from constipation, date is a natural remedy for constipation, to get the laxative effect of the date you should soak dates in milk for one day, consuming this mixture for 3 days will treat constipation and get rid off toxic substance .
Dates are rich in potassium which is important for body cells and control the blood pressure and heart rate and protect against heart diseases, also potassium is important for  heart muscles and it is needed to maintain nervous system and balance metabolism

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