Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lemon Tea - safe & good for health


Studies of humans and animals show that the antioxidants in black and green teas are highly beneficial to our health. Some studies suggest that Green and black teas have 10 times the amount of antioxidants found in fruits and veggies. Antioxidant work to neutralize free radicals. The free radicals are oxidizing molecules which naturally and harmlessly exist within the human body. However they accumulate as a result of physiological processes such as metabolism and are the furthermore found in environmenntal factors such as polluted air, poisonous waste & cigarette smoke. Tea leaves contain flouride which helps strengthen bones & teeth and fight cavities. Tea also boost the body's defense system. Tea may play a role as an AIDS fighter.

But when we boil tea, it becomes harmful & when add milk then its dangerous.

Milk tea is main cause of indigestion. It delays stomach digestion & could lead to gas formation, diarrhoea & constipation. Experiment show that 5 cups of tea increase the urine by 300-400% in people vulnerable to kidney related ailments. This continued stimulation of kidneys by caffine might damage them. Milk Tea could also promote kidney stone bcoz of its high concentration of oxalate.

Milk tea could aggravate symptoms of premenstural syndrome. Drinking too much tea could lead to incontinence or frequent/urgent impulse to urinate. It could exert pressure on bladder by causing muscle surrounding it to contract increasing the need to urinate. The respiratory & cardiac muscles are also stimulated by caffeine as coronary artries get dilated resulting in the increase in the rate of blood flow. The quickening of respiration lowers the level of carbon dioxide & increase the heat production of body by 10-20%.

So we must avoid milk tea now & start taking Lemon tea for our good health. The safe method to make Lemon tea is this;

Boil one glass of water for 3-4 minutes alongwith sugar & little salt (as per ur taste). Extract fresh lemon juice in your glass now, then put a tea bag in glass and then pour bolied water in glass. Cover it by any bowl, uncover it after 2-3 minutes & remove tea bag also and now safest lemon tea is ready to drink. If you use pure honey in place of sugar then its far better, atleast you can use brown sugar.

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